Canvas – Most Authentic Base For Oil Painting


Canvas, a woven plain fabric is an important accessory in the field of painting. Beside paintings, it is used for making tents, sails, backpacks and marquees. The word is derived from the Arabic word “cannabis”. It is known for its sturdiness and durability and can be used in making shoes and handbags. Thus, it has multiple uses and it has become an essential thing in various aspects.

Canvas a Base for Painting:

The most conventional use of canvas is painting. This is said to be the most reliable base for oil painting. Before an oil painting is done on the canvas, it is coated. This coating actually prevents the oil paints from coming in contact with the fibers. On most of the occasions, this coating is done by synthetic latex. Traditionally, it used to be made by the linen fibers. However, it is in 20th century that cotton ones came into the picture. It was known as cotton bucks cannabis oil. Modern painters use cotton stretch canvas. Cotton ones are usually lighter than other cotton fabrics like denim.

They are available in two types – plain and duck. The threads of the duck cotton are tightly woven. Cotton canvas is susceptible to get wrinkled. Generally, pressing warm iron over the wet surface of cotton canvas is done to flatten the surface. Readymade sheets are also available in the market in various sizes.

Oil painting is quite a popular genre of painting. On canvas, the colors of painting emerge more brightly.

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